Smarter Permission Explorer

See who has been granted access to your Smartsheet Items.

Part of our Front end Platform, which sees SmarterControls4sheets at the core, Smarter Permission Explorer provides a view of access levels across ALL your Smartsheet items to enable you to manage permissions globally.

What does Smarter Permission Explorer give you?

Using our proprietary Navigation Tree this feature provides:

  • A list of all users and their access levels across all your Workspaces, Folders, Sheets, Reports and Dashboards. (accessible via your Smartsheet API Access Token)
  • The ability to search on individual users to see what they have access to.
  • The ability to select one or many locations (Workspaces, folders, sheets, reports or dashboards) to see who has what level of access to them.
  • Results shown as links to the actual Smartsheet item to help navigate to the area quickly to update permissions.
  • A fast, accurate and effective way of auditing your permissions data.

What pain is this feature resolving?

This feature provides an overview of data which is not reportable through Smartsheet directly.

To find out who has access to each item currently, you have to open each item individually and note it down. This is time consuming and open to errors.

If you allow a user “Editor Can Share” access, then this feature will allow you to see who they have shared the Smartsheet items to as well. This feature gives you full visibility of the users that have access to your Smartsheet areas.

Think of the benefits of using Smarter Permissions Explorer!
  • How much time could you save by finding all Smartsheet items shared to a particular user?
  • How efficient would it be to provide a list of items that a New user would need access to based on their job role being the same as a current user?
  • Check that the right people have access to the right sheets for a process to work!
  • And much more!

Smarter Permissions Explorer – Seamless, effortless and extremely efficient


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