SmarterControls4sheets – Smarter Search and Replace

It’s here! A way to search and replace across ALL your sheets within a wizard!

Our Smarter Search and Replace feature within SmarterControls4sheets is now available from SBP!

A truly automagical feature allowing global updates to be executed across your organisation.

Do you have…?

  • ? Multiple users creating your sheets?
  • ? A naming convention that isn’t being observed?
  • ? The requirement for Multi-Sheet reporting?
  • ? Inconsistent terminology being used?
  • ? Products to be replaced?

How does Smarter Search and Replace help with these issues?

Part of our Front end Platform, which sees SmarterControls4sheets at the core, this feature provides an end user wizard which will perform a global Search and Replace based on your Smartsheet Access Token.

What could this feature be used for?

This feature can be used anywhere and for anything, including scenarios such as:

  • A new produce has to replace the existing one
  • A contact must be replaced
  • A typo was made and must be corrected
  • A workspace was duplicated and a few labels must be replaced

What is the scope of the search and replace?

You can use this feature to update any of the following:

  • Workspace names
  • Folder names
  • Sheet names
  • Column names
  • Column definition (option and contact options)
  • Cell values


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