Smarter Workflow Manager

Controlling the movement of records between sheets

By very popular demand from our clients and the Smartsheet Users Community, we are delighted to announce the launch of our Smarter Workflow Manager.

Part of our Smarter Apps Platform, Smarter Workflow Manager provides a solution for automagically moving or copying records from one Smartsheet to another based on a conditional statement.

What are the pain points?

  1. Does your workflow use multiple Smartsheets?
  2. Do you spend time filtering data then moving records from one sheet to another?
  3. Do you have a requirement to copy records from one sheet to another at a certain point within your workflow? 
  4. Are you running out of cells in a smartsheet (cell limit 200,000) and need a way of archiving historic data?

How does Smarter Workflow Manager relieve the pain?

This API based feature, provides an automated program which will monitor your identified sheets and when a data value sets off a pre-defined trigger, the active record can be moved, recalled, copied or copied one time to another Smartsheet or even asked to remain in Sync.

Example Scenario

You are in an HR environment and have a Smartsheet storing all applicants for job vacancies that you are managing. You have different Smartsheets managing the data for each stage in the process, as they are run by different team members. The process map below defines how Smarter Workflow Manager could automate the flow of data between sheets, based on the Status column being updated. The blue elements in the process map show the automatic movement of data (Smarter Workflow Manager is abbreviated to SWFM here).

You could continue this example with Smarter Workflow Manager automagically:

MOVING a record to Conduct Interview sheet when the Interview set up is complete”

MOVING a record to an archive sheet when the workflow is complete”

Smarter Workflow Manager – Seamless, effortless and extremely efficient.


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