Smartsheet and ProofHQ keep Curtain Up for Performing Arts University

Smartsheet Workflow Solutions

Smarter Business Processes recently engaged with Brigham Young University Provo Utah (BYU), a centre of excellence for Performing Arts to provide Smartsheet consultation and familiarisation.

The Challenge

BYU’s Performing Arts departments put on over 200 events a year. Communicating with the performers, directors, suppliers and simultaneously managing multiple events, whilst keeping to  tight deadlines and all without a collaborative platform, meant lots of duplicated processes and manual, labour intensive activities.

The Solution

Following an in depth information gathering and discovery session ,  Smarter Business Processes worked closely together with Ken Crossley and Don Powell to utilize the full potential of Smartsheet’s functionality and produced several customized Smartsheet workflow systems for real time information gathering, compiling and reporting.

The Benefits

These designed Smartsheet Workflows have made greatly improved efficiency, collaboration, communication and visibility .

Proof HQ integrating with the workflows in Smartsheet

The Challenge

Creating and editing all the printed and digital collateral associated with 200 events per year had been a very labour intensive procedure and had the potential to be far more efficient.

The Solutions

Smarter Business Processes investigated the potential for Smartsheet and ProofHQ to work together to manage their proof review and approval process for their copious proofs. Following testing and approval, the implementation of ProofHQ took place in late 2014, working alongside Smartsheet, where appropriate, to drive even more efficiencies into the processes.

The Benefits

ProofHQ is now being rolled out to the wider university community and has produced a very efficient,  reliable and transparent workflow that ensures detail and data are collated quickly and efficiently while maintaining a detailed audit trail  for all involved.

This solution has greatly reduced production time, increased visibility and improved collaboration

Comments from Cloud Consultant, Richard Rymill – Smarter Business Processes

“Working with Don Powell and Ken Crossley has been a very satisfying and rewarding consultancy. Their thirst for great solutions was equally matched by their own personal Skills and in depth knowledge. It was a pleasure to be able to assist them achieve their objective of creating Intuitive workflows,  making their colleagues’ and students’ lives more rewarding and further demonstrating BYU as  a centre of excellence”.   

Client Testimonial – Don Powell – Manager of Information Systems – Brigham Young University

“Richard from Smarter Business Processes engaged with us to initially understand how we were managing our existing workflows.

The customized Smartsheet workflow systems Smarter Business Processes created for us have had a huge impact in  improving efficiencies, collaboration, communication and visibility, providing the University with real time information gathering, compiling and reporting solutions”.

“We’re delighted with SBP’s solutions and are currently working with them on additional and complimentary  work management and web portal solutions to further enhance our commitment to excellence in everything we do. We would highly recommend them for their professionalism, in depth knowledge and reliability”.