Smartsheet Automated Actions, Notification Centre and Mob App Enhancements

We are excited to introduce three powerful new capabilities in Smartsheet: Automated Actions to eliminate routine tasks, freeing you to focus on higher value work; Smartsheet notification center to make it easier to stay up to date; and an all-new mobile app to help you, your team, and your stakeholders move work forward from anywhere.

Streamline Work Processes with Automated Actions

Now you can create simple automation rules in a matter of minutes – without writing any code or complex formulas – to streamline work processes and increase productivity. Save time, reduce error, and accelerate progress with automated approval requests and automated update requests.

Smartsheet automated action requests are sent based on easy-to-configure rules that you set up. You can prompt users to provide updates based on specified conditions and request approvals when a specific change is made to a sheet.

While reminders, notifications, and manual update requests will still be available to customers on all plans, only licensed users on Business and Enterprise plans will be able to set up automated approval requests and automated update requests.

See All of Your Important Updates From Within Smartsheet

Unfortunately, it is too easy to lose important updates in an overflowing email inbox. Now you no longer have to rely on email to stay up-to-date on Smartsheet notifications. Our new notification center enables you to see all of your important updates, including sheet notifications, reminders, update requests, and sharing invitations from within Smartsheet. You can choose how you want to receive updates from Smartsheet including in app, via email, and mobile push.

Keep Work Moving, On the Go

Our completely redesigned Smartsheet Mobile apps extend the power of Smartsheet to your favorite iOS or Android device and better support the needs of on-the-go workers.  A new home screen and streamlined navigation incorporates Home, Recents, Favorites, and Search tabs to help you easily navigate to the information you need quickly. The mobile notification center allows you to see all of your Smartsheet notifications in one place and quickly take action on update and approval requests from anywhere right on your mobile device.

We’ve also optimized SightsTM, Smartsheet’s customized dashboards, on mobile. Now you can switch between mobile and desktop layouts based on your device size and viewing preference, enabling you to quickly access the information you need when you are on the go.

Keep Processes Moving Forward

While each of these features help you accomplish more on their own, together they enable you to automate and easily manage updates and approvals from anywhere – saving time, reducing errors, and accelerating progress.

Extending Smartsheet’s Capabilities

For users of Smartsheet who wish to extend its capability to improve the out of the box solution, we have solutions for;

  • conditional logic for dynamic drop down lists creating conditional logic data
  • restricting the data shared users can access
  • making single tasks available to multiple workers
  • offline access
  • time management: hours, minutes and seconds
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