Smartsheet Control Center and ERP Integration improves efficiencies for Hansen Signs

Founded in 1979. Hansen Signs is now one of the largest sign companies in Atlantic Canada.  A full service National Sign Company, their services include design, fabrication, installation and maintenance all across Canada.

The  Challenge

As a committed user of Smartsheet, Hansen Signs were looking to get the maximum benefit from their investment in Smartsheet Control Center add-on, and add even more automation and efficiency to processing their client orders at a time of very high demand.  With no connectivity between their ERP system and Smartsheet, they found their processes were slowed by the necessity to manually transfer data between the two systems.  They asked Smarter Business Processes to help improve the workflow and to provide API connectivity to their ERP system.

The Solution

SBP have been able to connect the Smartsheet Control Center Intake Sheet directly to the ERP order information, so that data flows from the order into Smartsheet.  We have then developed the Control Center solution to aid the auto-provisioning of data, created more API programs to automatically find relevant task information from within the ERP system and have that data incorporated into the appropriate Project sheets, once they had been provisioned through Control Center.  During this work we were also able to update the Project Template with additional functions to add dependencies, flag tasks as complete, trigger workflows which all helps the Project Managers assess the orders and deliver their products and services.

The Benefits

The enhancements that Smarter Business Processes have delivered for Hansen Signs has

  • removed the manual movement of data, which eradicates the potential errors this could invoke
  • improved the speed of data flowing through the systems, as instead of orders being processed at the start and end of each day, the orders can flow through as and when they are entered into the ERP. This means the Project managers no longer need to wait until the next day to have the project data updated and keeps everything “top of mind”.
  • removed the bottlenecks that manual Control Center provisioning was causing, which has saved a lot of valuable time
  • improved the data content of the final Project sheet, which has saved a lot of time and also made the solution easier to work with

The enhancements have made a time saving of at least 2 hours a day, and has resulted in the high level of client satisfaction that we would normally associate with a Smartsheet Control Center Solution. Nick has said, these changes have made him very Happy Indeed.

I am very happy with the process of developing this solution in working with SBP. They were prompt to respond to our needs, creative and effective in their solution, and very fair throughout the process. Together we have effectively delivered a sustainable solution that will save my staff valuable time, saving us not only in data entry but also in providing current information that helps keep projects moving efficiently through our company. This has increased buy-in of the software with my PMs and increased adoption as the solution is much more efficient and is adding value in streamlining the communication of data.

Nick Hansen – Hansen Signs