Smartsheet crosses the pond from Boston USA to Boston Spa UK

As Smartsheet expands its ‘second home’ in Boston MA , Boston Spa based UK Smartsheet Consultants, Smarter Business Processes launches its much requested series of Smarter Apps

These Apps stretch the functionality of Smartsheet and Appsheet to create some amazing new, low cost business automations and App Integrations.  Leading the launch is their much requested Smarter Dropdown List Manager solution.

As one of Smartsheet’s leading Consultants operating across North America, UK and Europe, Smarter Business Processes have shadowed Smartsheet’s phenomenal growth, with their own client base doubling year on year.

Since Listing on the Nasdaq Smartsheet Shares (SMAR) have doubled from $15 USD to @ $30 USD and the business and Investing world is watching and finding out what it is that is hot about Smartsheet.

SBP CEO Richard Rymill said;  Organisations are seeking more  Automation and App Integration. So using the latest Smartsheet APIs enables us to stretch the standard solution to achieve things which many ERP systems would love to do, providing real Time Dashboards and collaborative solutions previously not possible.”

Speaking at a time of great change in both the world and the workplace Smarter Business Processes CEO Richard Rymill had this advice for organisations; “Embrace the opportunities presented to gain competitive advantage.  Invest in your people and within your own workforce generate a culture of continuous innovation.  Your people will love it if you do it well!”