Smartsheet Discovery Day

Having recently delivered several Smartsheet Discovery and Optimisation Days to a variety of businesses, we have been delighted by the reaction of delegates.

“Excellent product, very well explained – I can see how Smartsheet will improve my work processes”, “This is one of the most useful courses I have attended”.

What are clients looking to achieve?

The sort of managers that attend these Discovery Days are looking for work management tools and solutions that will give them a clearer view of their planning and help them to better communicate those plans to their teams.

What tends to be their current planning tool of choice?

Most often it’s spreadsheets, but using static spreadsheets doesn’t allow teams to collaborate in real time and lots of time is wasted in unnecessarily repetitive activities.

What is the main attraction to Smartsheet?

The fact that it has a familiar spreadsheet interface makes users feel comfortable, then they start collaborating and Smartsheet takes them as far as their imagination allows: Assigning tasks, attaching files, sharing sheets, viewing timelines, setting alerts, creating web forms, going mobile.

What are your Smartsheeters using these very Smartsheets for?

  • Health and Safety management, incident management out on site
  • Recruitment & HR – on boarding
  • Estate management, premises maintenance,
  • Managing construction and engineering projects
  • Stock control, parts requests
  • Budget discussions
  • Quotations, estimates,
  • Real time progress reports, conveyancers progressing client purchases
  • Logistics breakdown and repair App
  • SmartStats and SmartGraphs

We are currently helping teams in the NHS to implement these solutions across several departments and they are finding the time saved by these smarter business processes is huge.

Tell us a little more about the Discovery and Optimisation Days

After a demonstration of Smartsheet’s capabilities, light bulbs tend to start popping with delegates saying things like;

“As the training progressed, I found more and more uses for Smartsheet.”

With hands on practice and template building, delegates come away with a whole range of takeaways.

Book your Smartsheet Discovery Day here and discover a smarter way to work.

Discovering new ways of working with Smarter Processes has further inspired my team to develop new ideas, and help our geographically dispersed managers to deliver and manage Health and Safety more effectively and simply

We strongly recommend both the Smartsheet system and Richard Rymill as the lead consultant to help large organisations that are currently heavy users of spreadsheets to book your own Smartsheet Discovery and optimisation training day, you won’t be disappointed

Bob Summers – Head of Health & Safety, NHS Highland