Smartsheet Proofing Enhancements

Up your team’s content game with Smartsheet’s new CONTENT PROOFING enhancements. 

Smartsheet proofs now support  MS Office files – Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheets.

You can also now use Smartsheet proofs to review and approve Video – MP4, AVI and MOV. Anything that can be attached to your sheet – including links (URLs) – can now also be uploaded to a proof.

Video proofs enable your team to easily collect and keep track of feedback on specific frames. Once you annotate a frame in a video, its producer and other stakeholders can jump right to it by clicking on your comment or on your profile picture in the video’s timeline proof.

Add time stamps, and take advantage of new mark-up tools like boxes and arrows too. 

Get collaborating with precise feedback, in a range of formats and files. 

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