Smartsheet Solution for Red2Green GAP Programme

Customer: EMCOR UK

EMCOR UK is the country’s leading authority in high-performance, sustainable integrated facilities and workplace management delivering service and innovation to their clients.

Operating with a track record of success in some of the most complex and regulated workplaces in the UK – delivering services to industry sectors including life sciences, defence, nuclear, hi-tech manufacturing and central government.

The IT Challenge

Working in partnership with a key client to deliver a Red2Green GAP Programme, the EMCOR team were using MS Excel to monitor risks across 6 customer sites. Whilst the Excel file had multiple tabs and held the required data, it was difficult to update and share, the formulae would often break and identifying project progress was not easy. Resourcing and monitoring time spent against each risk was cumbersome to manage, meaning some aspects were not monitored effectively. The customer was asking for more data analysis which was proving unsustainable to deliver in the current format.

The Smartsheet Solution

SBP analysed the MS Excel solution and designed a Smartsheet workspace which holds a single Activity Log for all sites. The activity log is organised and pre-populated with formulae meaning that the client need only adjust % Complete and Assignee data and add new risks as they are identified.

A time management area was added to the sheet to track main Assignee time and also extra support hours required per risk.

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Increased Productivity:



The whole solution is now monitored via a self-maintaining dashboard with all sites risk data being shown with drill down capability to individual sites, delivering all the data analysis that the customer was requesting.

The Benefits

  • Single point of data – which can be shared by all parties
  • Confidence that the data is complete and up to date real time
  • Portfolio metric data available on progress of Risk Management as well as trend data over time and future workload
  • Time management data available on the resourcing for the team
  • Programme Leader has gained at least 1 day a week back from administration work to use against managing risks
Customer Comment

The Initiative Numbers/ Stats

  • 30 hrs consultants time to analyse and complete the solution – £3000
  • Increased productivity by 25% a week in administrative activity
  • 416 hours repurposed at a cost of £13,000 per annum

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