Smartsheet Success at West Midlands Cloud Data and Smart Mobility EXPO

On Thanksgiving last Thursday 28th November 2013, Founder of Smartsheet Brent Frei delivered a live video presentation to the delegates at the Prestigious West Midlands Cloud Data and Smart Mobility EXPO in support of UK Smartsheet consultants, SkillsFinder.   

For the delegates present it was 3.15pm but for Brent Frei it was 07.15 am in Seattle. Fortunately Brent is an early riser and was prepared to put his family festivities on hold in order to present his ideas on “What constitutes a Smarter Enterprise App?” and how we select the right APP when we are faced with APP overload?

Brent talked about how we are all utilising a variety of devices to view and update our work and Enterprises have had to accommodate the BYOD users.

He went on to comment:

  • That corporate consumers are demanding that their APP providers tick all their boxes in order to succeed .
  • How adoption relies on the corporate culture that encourages collaboration and visibility to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the very best Cloud solutions, in preference to 20th Century legacy systems.
  • How the decision making process has evolved from being top down to bottom up.

Brent explained how Smartsheet is one of the big winners in this evolving Enterprise area. Because in just one company it has many uses across departments and it is so good to use, the uptake from new users typically goes Viral across the Enterprise.

Delegates at this EXPO were from Private sector businesses across the European Union, Public sector and Universities, from the Midlands and wider UK.   They came to find out more about the opportunities presented by the best Cloud and Data solutions, to find out about the Smarter Cities being planned at Government and University level in conjunction with the Automative industry like Jaguar Land Rover, who are major employers in the area, along with their supply chain.

Digital Birmingham’s  speaker Raj Mak explained the plans to build the Smarter Cities that will benefit us all and interact with our vehicles and devices as we move about the cities of the future.

Cisco’s Head of Enterprise Networking, Sarah Eccleston explained us how Cisco has stayed ahead of the game and enabled users to BYOD and how the Network can operate with the highest level of intelligence and facilitate the benefits of BYOD while securing sensitive corporate date from inappropriate use. The explosion in internet ready devices is set to continue to grow in the Smarter City where even the Traffic lights will be “on the internet” and in an emergency they can be set to speed the progress of an ambulance across this Smart city or visitors can be guided to available parking spaces by their “Smarter (Internet enabled) car”. Plus Big Data can be utilised in so many ways to make our lives easier and smoother.

Mike Leddy, The Lord Mayor of Birmingham and Chancellor of Birmingham City University, the EXPO venue,  opened the event and welcomed delegates from all over the UK and Europe.

Richard Rymill, UK Smartsheet Consultant said: “This event has been a great opportunity for SkillsFinder to raise awareness of our consultancy services and Smartsheet  in the automotive  heartland and European  Enterprise Zone. The event has been a huge success for Skillsfinder in opening dialogue with new Smartsheet users.”