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Construction Company works smarter with Smartsheet and AppSheet solution

As business grew, many manual processes were becoming unwieldy and they were in urgent need of system automation, application integration and improved data consistency across the group of companies. The Smartsheet and Appsheet solutions mean MGC now have their finger firmly on the pulse on the status of all their projects in real time
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How Mobile Apps Can Increase Your Construction Site Productivity

Adopting  Mobile Apps  can help boost construction site productivity. Providing increased efficiency, freedom and flexibility to complete the tasks at hand, and enhanced project communication and collaboration, mobile tools have real benefits for businesses. Many contractors are using apps for…

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Smartsheet for Construction

Coordinate, Communicate and Resolve Issues Quickly with Smartsheet for Construction For construction companies, Smartsheet delivers increased project efficiency and accountability by streamlining communication and documentation, ultimately boosting safety and profits. Construction is the ultimate “just get it done” business. And…

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