Tailor made Tools for Custom Home Builder

Smarter Business Processes recently teamed with Valle Homes & Valle Traditions (Valle), a custom home building and expert remodelling company in Toledo, Ohio.  The collaboration provided a tailored project management solution for their internal and external task lists and project planning.

This move to Smartsheet for Valle has simplified skills resource planning and management, and greatly iVallee New Homemproved collaboration and visibility of key tasks throughout the organization.

 The Challenge

As the amount of business and projects increased and the company added staff, Valles’ systems for planning and
managing projects were becoming increasingly time consuming.  A lack of a collaborative platform meant that a status update often meant entering a single piece of data into a number of forms. The high potential for data entry error was increasing with additional staff and new complex projects.

 The Solution

Following an in depth information gathering and discovery session with Valle Management Team, Smarter Business Processes came up with a customized Smartsheet system for real time information gathering, compiling and reporting. The new system not only gives clear information on priorities and the commitment of their resources, but also just makes their work easier to complete.valle kitchen

 The Benefits

The company – management, administration, and field personnel – now has access to information from mobile devices which can report progress, flag up issues, and address client needs in real time with photos.


Richard from Smarter Business Processes has worked with us over the last couple of months to both understand how we were managing our business and identify areas for immediate process improvement.  As a custom home builder and remodeller, our projects, both large and small, are extremely complex and detailed.  Managing projects, clients and staff from a variety of Excel & Word based templates was both time consuming and susceptible to error.  Richard and his team helped create a Master Project Schedule showing all projects in one place, complete with Gantt charts to aid planning decisions in the most efficient manner.

We’re delighted with how Smarter Business Processes have helped us to use our own specialist knowledge and skills to develop some very “SmartSheets.”  The new platform helps us focus on our clients and move away from multiple excel sheets and project plans that consumed our management time, and we have only begun to scratch the surface of Smartsheets’ capabilities. We highly recommend Smarter Business Processes and their methodology of close collaboration, mutual discovery and training.  We are now very competent Smartsheet users and enthusiasts.

Rich Effler – Owner – Valle Homes  www.vallehomes.com