Team Sales Leads

A Suite of Three Sales Marketing and Support Apps using a common database

Ideal for Companies Selling a wide range of Goods and Services to property owners e.g. Glazing, Solar, Decking, Property Remodelling, Kitchens, Water treatment etc.


  1. Sales Leads Entry & Qualifying

Sales leads arrive via online form data entry, ready for qualification and appointment setting in one spreadsheet for easy access and progression from lead to Sale.

Two Views to manage Leads – New Leads and Follow Up Calls

  1. Assign and Dispatch
  • Sales manager releases all the assign leads at a specific time
  • Qualified Leads allocated to appropriate sales teams
  • Sales teams are able to see all the sales leads released to them.
  • Sales Team Calendars – Sales leads in Date and time order
  • View the location of the sales lead on a map view
  • Each appointment notes client’s requirements and budget
  • Map pins show locations and driving instructions
  1. Sales & Site Evaluation
  • Site Survey and questionnaire establishes requirements, building a detailed quotation for sign off and installation, delivery or later follow up.
  • Site survey will capture information essential for installation
  • Questionnaire specific to the Industry & Company standards
  • Sales teams use mobile device to capture photos, measurements and client needs
  • Sales Quotation or Contract calculated immediately, signed on the App screen and emailed to the client while on the client’s premises.


  • 3 User Apps, One for each activity providing unique Login Views
  • Data Tables in Smartsheet (or Excel or Google if preferred)
  • Smartsheet Report :- To Do List for Sales manager
  • Smartsheet Report :- To Do Lists for Telemarketers
  • Smartsheet Report :- To Do Lists for sales follow ups
  • Smartsheet Report :- Leads Source Success details

Setup includes allowance for Two days (16 work hours) to Walk through the Leads to Sales solution with the client’s senior managers to Map and ideally improve their existing Sales processes, driven by this user friendly easily managed suite of Apps.

We will help the client to manage expectations of the software and ensure that they understand the commitment required to achieve success, which will include user training videos.

Two further Consultancy days allocated to modifying standard App to include Client specific wording, product description and pricing, access to supportive PDF ref materials or Video to aid the sale.

Client Choices and modifications available within the standard price.

For example:-

  1. Changing display names of fields to adopt the client’s terminology
  2. Changing drop down box values not dependent upon the values in them for logic decisions
  3. Client may choose from a number of Appsheet provided colour themes
  4. Database setup for the Client, for adding and updating the SalesPerson table with their contact numbers, addresses and email addresses
  5. Setup user access to each app and apply security filters
  6. How To….. Videos following the business processes for the role with the Leads to Sales solution suite.
  7. How To …. Quick cheat sheets for each of the basic processes using the new system.”

Upfront cost £3000 – $4000 for the full three App system * –  customisation is available for an additional charge based on requirements
Monthly User Support & Licenses – £3.00 / $5.00 per user per month –  Minimum rolling 3 month contract (=VAT for EU cients, no sales tax for USA Clients)

Additional Consultancy days available at £750/ $1000 as required.
Personalised training sessions of 1½ hrs each available as one to one
or one to many as required. Cost £150 / $250 each + set up fee.

Arrange your Free Initial Consultation to review your Team App requirements – we’d love to hear from you.