Technology Innovation Adoption – A Quiet Revolution

There’s a quiet revolution in Business Planning and Business Process Optimisation taking hold this year and it’s accelerating fast.

We’ve seen a wholesale change in thinking by businesses large and small, both in the US and UK, all eager to embrace low cost, intuitive cloud solutions and the improved efficiencies they bring.

Excel has always been and will continue to be the tool of choice for deep number-crunching, but as a management tool, it has limitations.  Fast growth companies need real time information and a spreadsheet type solution that provides collaboration and visibility on any platform and device.

Resistance to change is common but those who have embraced new ways of working are now seeing the efficiency and cultural gains

So what are some of these winning solutions?
  • Smartsheet alongside Excel and Google sheets.
  • DocuSign for Digital Transaction management for NDAs Contracts and Sign off.
  • ProofHQ for Reviewing any digital copy through to approval in real time.
  • Microsoft 365 implementation and integration as a cloud based solution, means we are helping clients to merge processes to work together… at low cost.
  • OverDRIVE provides an Internal Web Portal, that acts like an Intranet or Digital Asset Library and works beautifully in conjunction with Google for Work Apps.
What were our clients’ challenges?

“Skilled resources are not easily acquired, so we needed to provide the existing team with better tools to allow them to do more in less time and take away their repetitive processes, replacing them with intuitive solutions that were enjoyable to work with and got immediate results”.

“ As business grew fast, increasing orders meant we had to become more efficient to fulfill them.”

“We needed Real Time information to get out to our key workers who could be out on site, or in countries in different time zones and languages, so a tool that looks and feels just like Excel, takes uploads from Excel (or MS Project) then provides an almost endless list of new solutions not found in Excel Desktop or 365 was key”.

The solutions Smartsheet provided in response to our clients’ challenges
  • Secure access of key data for dissemination and feedback  on any device. 
  • Audit trail discussion on any row or sheet.
  • Uploads of any file type for review and use. 
  • Collaboration, Reminders, Alerts that solve a host of needs.
  • Automated Reports and Graphs that provide Real Time status 
  • Planning projects has never been easier and no “ology” needed. 
  • Resource planning has never been easier 
  • Even those who are hooked on MS Project find that working Smartsheet alongside for collaboration and feedback makes their lives easier and results quicker.

If you can identify with any of the above, contact us to arrange your free 1 hour consultation to discuss your challenges.  We’d love to hear from you!

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