The Productivity Conundrum. What is it and how can it be solved?

Low productivity in the UK is an ever present challenge. According to the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, UK growth from 2008 – 2020 was an unprecedented 0.5 %, compared to 2.3% in the previous decade, and currently lagging behind France, Germany and the U.S. 

But what does that mean, and why is it so important? In economists’ terms, “productivity” means labour productivity. Specifically, how much value each worker generates per hour.  Higher productivity means higher wages, and an increase in the standard of living. With the current cost of living crisis, and in the face of doom laden media speculation about under investment and inflation, the drive to improve productivity from the ground up has never been more pressing.

But what does this mean for you and your business?

Analysing your business’ productivity is a positive, proactive way to tackle a national problem. The good news is, making the necessary changes to improve doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. 

We’ve worked closely with clients from a broad range of industries for over a decade, and pride ourselves on the key areas of;- 

Workflow Management. We can identify areas of improvement and help you streamline your workflow, with our Business Process Mapping Solutions. Keep track of your processes and automate the flow of data with our Workflow Manager Tool.  

Automation. Automating menial tasks frees up your time, allowing you to concentrate on more important areas of your business. Clients report efficiency gains of 30% and more simply by automating repetitive tasks.

Improved Reporting. Poor, inefficient data management is one of the biggest challenges to productivity. We can help you streamline your data analysis with our Smarter Dashboard solution. Save time, and get a clear picture of your data in concise, graphical format. 

Communication. With remote working here to stay, and clients frequently working out on site, poor communication is fast becoming a time consuming challenge to productivity. Our Smartsheet tools are cloud based, meaning that data is uploaded in real time, ensuring everyone is kept in the loop. Create staff surveys with our tools such as Smarter Forms, and can take advantage of features such as cascading drop-down lists and conditional logic. 

Training. Ensure your team has the skills they need to do the job. Engage with them to ensure they feel part of any new changes, and listen to what they have to say. Our training modules are run as 1-2-1 sessions, or remote workshops for the entire team.  

But in our experience the real secret is no secret at all. We recognise that nebulous productivity stats and government targets aren’t right for everyone. There is no one size fits all approach. The real answer to the Productivity Conundrum lies in identifying the challenges specific to you and your team. 

It’s in those conversations when we sit down together and talk specifically about your business, your challenges, your goals for the future, that we can start to build a picture of what will work for you. 

We have the tools and a team of experienced consultants ready to implement the changes you need to see achievable, measurable change, at a pace that’s right for you.  

Demo videos of all the solutions mentioned in this blog are available on our Youtube Channel. Or, for a free consultation get in touch with us today.