Top 5 Tips for Successful Sales Managers

Are you using Smartsheet as a Sales Tool? If the answer is no, read on!

We love to talk about using Smartsheet for Project Management, workflows, data analysis etc. But our Smartsheet clients in the sales sector are talking to us more and more about the myriad ways they have been using it to manage client relations, track targets and improve sales figures.

With this in mind we’ve compiled our top five tips for Successful Sales Mangers.

  • Time Management. Prioritising important tasks and sticking to planned schedules comes easier to some people than others. Whether you are a natural born planner or need a bit of support, we can help. Use Smartsheet Forms to create activity logs. Capture all your tasks in one place and use automated notifications to stay on track with deadlines.
  • Market Research. Whether you are selling software or soft toys, houses or house plants, an understanding of your clients’ needs is crucial! It may sound obvious but clients frequently tell us they can’t always see the wood for the trees when it comes to marketing data. Using our smarter dashboards for Smartsheet can help you stay on top of the figures that matter, and help you present them in a graphical, management-friendly way.  
  • Track your Clients’ Progress. From initial contact, to after sales care, it is important to a) have a clear understanding of your customers’ journey and b) track that journey from start to finish. That’s a lot of information to keep on top of! Because Smartsheet is a cloud based platform, it can help you manage multiple teams from one location to enable you to track progress and identify weaknesses in your pipeline.

Talk to us today about how we can implement Smartsheet solutions to help you hit your sales goals and motivate your team.

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