Marketing2Connect – Video Testimonial from Dodie Peters

 “I love working with Craig Williams from Smarter Business Processes.  He’s helpful, understanding and leads me down the right paths of database management. He really is a Smartsheet expert and I trust him implicitly with our Smartsheets. We have made and continue to make great progress with our Smartsheet workflows and solutions”  Dodie Peters – Project Manager – Marketing2Connect

One of the numerous Smartsheet project solutions provided for M2C was a Rewards/Bonus Programme for freelance salespersons, enabling users to register, submit a claim with associated proof which M2C could then track  for auditing and payment purposes.

With the PM stretched thin by her other duties, SBP helped reconcile the processes, Smartsheet sheets and reports being used across all regions and customer tier levels.

A new, tighter process was defined and standardized across the organization, resulting in less PM hours being spent chasing for answers or performing multiple data entry of the same data.

A final project was used to surface budget information, providing live reports and giving executives a real-time overview of costs incurred in the sales process.