Webinar #5. Dashboards. What Did You Miss?

Attendance and levels of enthusiasm were high at our June Webinar on Tips and Tricks With Smartsheet Dashboards. 

We love the global feel of our webinars and it was great to be joined by clients from both sides of the Atlantic. While delegates came to us with a range of levels of Smartsheet knowledge, everyone was able to gain something from the session. 

CTO Dr James Harris got a great response with his live demo on Smarter Dashboards, where he showed how to manage timesheets and meeting minutes using web-based dashboards embedded into Smartsheet. These solutions showed how you can dynamically slice and dice Smartsheet data, or can add/update data into existing sheets directly from your Smartsheet dashboard. 

We were delighted to welcome Debbie Priest from NHS Tayside who took us through her Smartsheet dashboard environment, showing how linked dashboards can provide a very effective company intranet, with a layout that lends itself to mobile phone use as well as via desktop.

Feedback for the webinar speaks for itself:

These webinars are great, really informative.

This is awesome!! I love this control panel solution and ability to filter dynamically within a dashboard! I can think of loads of places where we could use this.

Wonderful stuff!

Catch up on the live recording below, and you can watch this along with other previous webinars and demos over on our Youtube page

Join us for Webinar #6, on Wednesday July 21st when we’ll cover Tips and Tricks with Smartsheet Forms.

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