Webinar #6: Webforms in Smartsheet. Thanks For Joining Us!

Thanks to everyone who joined us in the middle of the UK’s heatwave last week for our webinar on webforms in Smartsheet. The SBP team were delighted to welcome a mix of brand new delegates and webinar regulars from around the world to demo tips and tricks in webforms and answer questions.

Chief Smartsheet Solutions Officer Debbie Sawyer kicked off with a run down on Smartsheet’s core product function, and a reminder of how smart forms in Smartsheet are one of the biggest benefits and efficiency gains to business users.

CTO James Harris then took us through an enhanced webform solution, developed by our team to take Smartsheet forms to the next level by utilising multiple levels of conditional logic (Where the next question changes depending on the value chosen in the last question.)

Catch up on the live recording below, and you can watch this along with other previous webinars and demos over on our Youtube page. If you would like us to help you implement conditional logic with your Smartsheet forms, contact us for a free consultation today.

We’re taking a break for August but join us in September for more tips and tricks.

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