What is a PMO? Do I Need One?

A Project Management Office is a suite of tools designed to give your project structure and improve your workflows. 

The function can vary depending on the scale and project type, but usually the focus is on project cost, schedule, and resource allocation. A good Project Management Office should help you with: 

  • Project scheduling
  • Resource management 
  • Tracking project performance and Identifying risks
  • Standardising your policies to ensure quality and consistency in projects
  • Communication with key stakeholders and team members

A PMO can provide reliable support when trying to run a project at scale. They are particularly important when trying to keep pace with rapid growth and technology changes You should consider implementing a PMO if:  

  • You are finding difficulty meeting your targets and goals. 
  • Your organisation is going through a period of rapid growth or change. 
  • Management requires greater visibility on resources and costings. 
  • You are finding your budgets are becoming unmanageable. 
  • You are looking to standardize your practises and protocols.

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