What Smartsheet’s latest Product Updates mean to Businesses

Business Users have traditionally relied on Microsoft Excel for most of their data collection and analysis activities but Excel is not the best tool when it comes to getting work done in collaboration with colleagues and outside resources.

Smartsheet, an intuitive work management tool, has led the way here in recent years, yet many Excel users have yet to discover the benefits. Those that have, have discovered ways to save 20 or even 40% of their Admin time. Project planners have often used MS Project, which, like Excel struggles to provide easy collaboration on any platform on any device, which Smartsheet  provides easily.

What are the true benefits of using Smartsheet?  See “The Forrester Total Economic Impact of Smartsheet” Infographic

Our experience has shown that businesses that migrated their complex Planning processes into Smartsheet found that it was capable of about 80% of what they required and did it far better than traditional systems. Smartsheet’s latest feature updates mean that it is now capable of over 90% of typical requirements, removing the need for more expensive and complex systems. Often, what Smartsheet is not best at, can remain in Excel, e.g. for in depth data analytics. The difference being that Smartsheet gathers all the data from collaborators really easily and can deliver it to an Excel dashboard in real time. So, all the reasons for not moving forward have now been removed, which can be a significant contributor to the Productivity of any organisation.

Project Migration and the Change Management of working practices that comes with such migration has many rewards that are quickly accessed.  All that is needed to implement and benefit from this Migration is a team of consultants that understands Microsoft Apps and Smartsheet really well, such that the best tools are deployed and Workflows re-designed to suit more collaborative working practices.

Implementing Smartsheet and associated Symbiotic apps like ProofHQ,  Docusign,  OverDRIVE etc., are virtually instantaneous and inexpensive. Licenses can be provided on a trial basis while the evaluation of benefits takes place and purchases made on an annual renewable basis, which reduces upfront costs dramatically compared to traditional IT system replacement.

What are the key processes that Smartsheet can address better?
  • Time and Task planning in Projects of a specific duration and ongoing activities that are not called Projects, yet share many of the challenges of Projects in getting work completed on time on budget.
  • Human Resource Planning is now intuitive and easy to set up for most business sizes.
  • Improved Project Information provides visuals like the Critical Path i.e. the tasks that will delay project completion if not finished on time.
  • Sharing of project information and associated task management is easier than ever before with integration with such as Outlook and Gmail. Tasks updated within an email browser, so speeding efficiency.
  • Security: Smartsheet System administration provides far better security of Data and confidential information by ensuring important data is not emailed as an attachment ( and potentially onwards to the wrong people) but permission is granted to View, Edit and Update sheets. Access to which can be removed at the click of a mouse should the need arise. So dramatically improving data security and the need for Version control, there being just ONE version, the LIVE one.
  • Creating online WebForms that collect answers and data from those you need feedback from has never been so easy and is cited as the single biggest time saver in Admin office. Say goodbye to Paper Forms, Postage, Transcribing info from paper to spreadsheet, say hello to instant alerts and data analysis.
  • Integrating Smartsheet with your other Applications has been dramatically upgraded and now API 2.0  offers a whole range of opportunities to link applications together to remove even more steps from your traditional processes by automating your workflows and updating data in several places with just one entry.

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