What’s New in Smartsheet

Document Builder, WorkApps, new Proofing features and Message Alerts. Just some of the latest upgrades and enhancements from Smartsheet.

Smartsheet Document Builder empowers your team to rapidly generate custom error free PDFs using row data in your sheets.

WorkApps are the latest no-code platform that will help you streamline your work and simplify collaboration. Get creative with easy-to-navigate apps built directly from Smartsheet dashboards, sheets, forms, and more.

The scope of projects and departmental processes can change, and WorkApps can help by giving you an intuitive experience that’s easy to repeat. You don’t need to be a coding whiz to get going. Utilize all of your Smartsheet content, whatever your business needs. You can even personalize the app with your company’s branding, to make the solution look like it was specifically built by and for your company. App builders can grant access to view or edit data in sheets or reports, without giving team members the ability to make changes to the app’s structure.

Smartsheet proofs support a variety of file types including images, PDFs and now Video and MS Office files. Learn how the newest enhancements to Smartsheet proofing will help your team complete your exceptional content, faster.

Message Alertscustomise your alerts and reminders to control who gets the right information and when.

Alerts and Reminders are triggered by either changes in your sheet’s data or by specified dates/times.  They can be set up together or individually to suit your business processes.  Either can be sent to a specified recipient, an assigned user on the triggering row or an external 3rd party email address whichever suits your requirements.  If alerting outside of your organisation the recipient DOES NOT have to be shared to your Sheets, but they can still be reminded or alerted if applicable.  All this can be a one-off alert/reminder per row or set up on a recurring basis.

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