Smarter Business Processes presents Smarter Training!

Bite-sized training – Smarter training adjusted to suit your real needs

At Smarter Business Processes we offer a wide variety of Smarter training courses and packages. While Smartsheet is a user-friendly app with many intuitive functions there are so many opportunities to leverage the infinite variety of uses that you and your team could achieve so much more with some Smarter Training on Smart sheets. Read on to learn more.

Why Train in Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a user friendly app that is pretty intuitive, so why bother with training?

Training in Smartsheet will help you to:
  • Really get to know the fundamentals that the app is based on
  • Save time by reducing experimentation
  • Cut down on the “ask a colleague” time consumed within an office
  • Become confident and efficient with your solutions
  • Improve the designs of your solutions
  • Utilise all areas of Smartsheet, rather than just the bits that look similar to MS Excel or MS Project!
  • Get an understanding on how all areas can integrate and share data between the items
  • Learn how to get Smartsheet to help you manage your solutions

Training comes in all shapes and sizes

Instructional Videos
Instructional Videos

Watching & learning –
If you learn bet from watching demonstration videos, then visit Smartsheet’s own Learning Center. Here you will find a multitude of “how to” videos presented in short instructional scripted commentary highlighting all the features.

Our Smarter Training Videos are edited for raid assisted learning – key points highlighted in captions.

smarter training
Hands-on Workshops

Participatory learning & action-
If you prefer to learn by doing, participating yourself with proactive and responsive trainer guidance but have limited time, then try our very own bite-sized sessions. This Smarter Training option might suit your learning style and availability better.

Trainer led, remote 90 minute workshops run by Product Certified Experts

SBP Demo's
SBP Demos

Demonstrative learning –
Maybe you are still early in your understanding and unsure about what Smartsheet is able to offer you and your team. You might prefer a demonstration to gain a more detailed grasp of the features and benefits of this incredibly flexible tool. Consider it done!
We have an ever growing pool demonstrations. Just ask us about an area that interests you and we’ll share that demonstration with you.