Smarter Dashboards

Smarter Dashboards


A smarter approach

Analyse your data quickly and easily from one clear source in live data with quick shareable results. The power of data information and visualization is potent when used in a timely fashion.

Slice and dice your Smartsheet data in live dashboards with charts, graphs and tables

Smartsheet instruments customisable for your needs

Business dashboards

Smart sheets offer a range of options for you to create practical analytical dashboards, reporting dashboards to help you drive your business operations. These flexible solutions will fit your work at any scale, for small organizations wanting to grow to large corporations.

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Custom dashboards

One of the most important business tools a business operation needs is a set of customisable reports to help you read and report on the progress of your business. This works even better when the data is customisable and live.

Smart sheets have the ability to help you build customizable dashboards with real time reporting.

smarter dashboards

Live dashboards – For decision makers

Today reporting and presentation of live data in business intelligence have become absolutely vital to the effective operations of any organization.

From executive dashboards to every day analysis through data reports we have come to rely on these essential tools with regular output to view the workings of our operations.

These tools bring data to the forefront of our management decisions.

Why does live data and reporting matter quite so much?

Having access to our live data in a dynamic setting can make all the difference between good and excellent timing in our daily operations.

The live data is dynamic, and so our reporting should be also.

Our support consultants can help you customize your smart sheets.

How do reports and dashboards differ?

Reports tend to be broader and feature historic data. Because they must be delivered periodically, they represent a snapshot of a specific area or organization rather than its real-time situation. Yet dashboards are built to visualize and organize data in real-time.

Performance metrics in real time

Our analytics smart sheets can be customised to offer performance metrics reporting live data in real time through API integration.

Smarter dashboards do what Power BI can, and MUCH more!

Smart sheet software is built on a smart platform, with reporting tools that provide data in real-time, so your data is never stale. Create and share custom views of your data on the fly, in minutes, with analytics that are significantly easier to use..

Smarter tools help you manage data in a dynamic setting

  • Filter and edit – manage your data in a Smart sheet, benefit from a live setting
  • Flexibility – move easily between data sets, charts and back again freely
  • Manage data – more easily and present more effectively in a live setting
  • Always current – know with real time data your reports and analytics are always up to date

What our Smarter tools can do for you in a live setting

  • Drill down to any data subset by clicking on the relevant graph or chart
  • Edit data inline within tables and charts live and dynamic, visually presenting live data changes

Why our best Smartsheet analytics succeed

  • Create handy, management-ready live snapshots based on any parameters you need
  • Present your data with pie and bar charts, multi axis line charts, scatter charts, bubble charts, polar area and more!
  • Review data sets and share content easily
  • Apps to help you automate smart sheet reporting


  • Create a single view that will show different data depending on the logged-in user
  • Allow users to edit data directly within the dashboard, which will then update the underlying Smartsheet data


If you have a large amount of data across many Smartsheets, we can sync these sheets to a SQL database, and drive the Smarter Dashboard from the database – allowing speedy access to hundreds of thousands of rows of data


If you need to view data from a secondary Smartsheet within your Smarter Dashboard, you can link this secondary data to the primary data via a key and it will filter and drill down in just the same way as the rest of your dashboard