Smarter Dashboards

Slice and dice your Smartsheet data with charts, graphs and tables.

Our clients told us they want to dynamically filter their data across charts and tables, and edit content from within a dashboard. We responded with the Smarter Dashboard for Smartsheet.

How Does It Work?

The Smarter Dashboard allows you to view any element of your Smartsheet data in concise, graphical format.

No more scrolling through lines of numbers. With Smarter Dashboard you can easily locate the subset of data you are looking for out of thousands.

It also offers customisable logos, colours and layout types, filtered from an admin sheet. We can do this for you as part of the set-up* but you will also have permissions to make your own changes. For added security, we can also offer multi factor authentication log in to your Smarter Dashboards account.

How is it different from standard Smartsheet Dashboard?

The Smarter Dashboard lets you streamline your data analysis. Use one dynamic dashboard where you might otherwise use twenty. Use a small number of charts per dashboard where you may otherwise have needed dozens. Filter the data based on any parameters. Navigate to any data subset by clicking on the relevant graph or chart. Edit your raw data from within your dashboard.

As well as the standard pie and bar charts, it can also offer multi axis line charts, scatter charts, bubble charts, polar area and combinations among others!

  • If you need to analyse your data quickly and easily
  • If you need handy, management-ready visual snapshots
  • If you need to hone in on your data quickly from one clear source

Then the Smarter Dashboard is for you. Paid for by annual subscription.

Contact us now to discuss how we can meet your needs with this exciting new product.

*Set up cost may vary depending on your requirements.