Smarter Finance Tools

Smarter Finance Tools

Read stock values from markets

What Smarter Finance Tools can do for you

  • Store stock values from markets into sheets for further manipulations
  • Monitor your assets and equities, and consolidate them with custom dashboards and report

What Smarter Finance Tools can do for you

  • Text, date, URL, contact list and text area input types
  • Cascading dropdown lists
  • Dynamically expose custom list options (as a sub selection of existing options)

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  • Conditionally Enable/Disable controls based on other controls’ values
  • Conditional value selection based on other controls’ values
  • Custom headers, footers, labels and more!


  • Set a specific range of data to retrieve to read back in time older values
  • Set a data range to get value just once a month and only build a monthly report
  • Read for multiple stock markets such as Nasdaq, New York stock exchange, London stock exchange and so on !


  • Runs automatically on multiple frequencies (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Can run on demand
  • Hunts changes
  • Then updates all connected sheets


  • Can be managed entirely with Smartsheet
  • Run within your IT environment · No coding needed
  • Paid for by annual subscription