Smarter Launch Pad

Smarter Launch Pad

Remove the headache of manually setting up multiple project assets every time a new project is required.

Why is manually setting up Projects a headache?

  • Every time a new Project is requested, someone needs to set up the assets.
  • Typically these are a combination of a Gannt Sheet, a RAID log, a Charter and a Dashboard for visibility.
  • They all need naming (consistently)
  • They all need linking to tracker sheets / dashboard metrics
  • Setting these up manually requires time, concentration and a keen eye for detail and a dedicated administrator

What automation does Smarter Launch Pad bring?

  • Creating and naming the sheets, reports and dashboards using Project specific data
  • Linking project data from the tracking sheet into the newly created assets
  • Linking top level metrics %Complete, Status, RAG ball health etc to your tracking sheet for progress visibility
  • Creating hyperlinks to the assets for quick navigation

What are the benefits of using Smarter Launch Pad?

  • Assets are creating in less than a minute, saving valuable time for your PM’s
  • No bottleneck waiting for a PM to process new requests
  • Eliminates potential for human error or inconsistency
  • Provides immediate reporting at scale
  • Provides navigation links to ease user acceptance


  • This app can be managed fully from an easy to use Smartsheet.
  • Smarter Launch Pad can support multiple template sets for different project types.
  • Launched projects can be stored in any workspace.


  • An intake sheet is required to track the Project Requests and ongoing status
  • One/many template set(s) to be used on a repeatable basis
  • Portfolio metric and dashboards are optional
  • System Admin sheet to define and manage the automation
  • An API token to run the app through


  • Smartsheet Consultant will configure the setup in Yr 1 and handover maintenance to your Smartsheet Champion.
  • Yearly subscription applies to this app
  • Allows you to justify Control Center type functionality without the financial hit of Smartsheets Premium app