Smartsheet Dashboards

Unlock the Big Picture of True Work

Smartsheet Dashboards, now in beta, provide visual interactive access to the work your audience cares about most.

Use Dashboards to create an at-a-glance summary of work or build an information hub to provide quick access to important links, documents and data.

Create interactive, real-time displays by simply adding content widgets onto your Dashboard and dragging and dropping them to arrange for your needs. Set up a high-level overview or go deep on a specific project. Highlight key risks, track budgets, and get a detailed view into what’s happening at the execution level. You can even include information from outside sources like web pages, videos and more – making Dashboards the central hub to manage your work.

Keep Projects running smoothly and Teams Connected

Looking for a  smart way to provide users and teams with simple and powerful web access to corporate data ?  Take a look at OverDRIVE which lets you quickly and automatically build a project or web portal using documents and data from your favourite cloud applications.

Find our more about Smartsheet Dashboards and Let us help you design and build your Workflows, Dashboards and Web Portals.  Arrange your free initial consultation now   or   Get in Touch to discuss your needs – we’d love to hear from you!