Team Project Timesheet

Team Project Timesheet

Team Project Timesheet App extends the functionality of Smartsheet, resolving popular demands for Confidentiality and Single Task time breakdown by minutes across multiple workers with Baseline views.


  • Individual data entry by Mobile or any device
  • Individual time entry for summary task data entry into Smartsheet
  • Multiple workers can complete one or more tasks in Smartsheet over days
  • Supervisor Controls User Views (Restrict confidential data access)
  • Dropdown List of Project/ Budget Codes, activities
  • Analysis by Day, Week & Month against Project Codes
  • Dashboard Graphical Analysis
  • Features one Complex Project or several Simple Projects
  • Includes Project Baseline vs Actual Gantt views in Smartsheet


  • One Appsheet App for multi user access
  • Second Appsheet App for Managers view of all data and all analysis and Dashboards
  • Data located in Smartsheet, Excel or Google sheets
  • Smartsheet Project Style of Sheet including baseline
  • Smartsheet Report summarising Baseline vs Actual Gantt
  • Choice of Several Smaller Projects tracking or…
  • One Larger Project with Phases
  • Has potential for Multi Project expansion
  • Assumes Client has a Smartsheet account and access to Excel or Google sheets

Upfront cost £1000 – $1500 *
Customization is available for an additional charge based on the requirements.
Monthly User Support & Licenses – £3.00 / $5.00 per user per month
Minimum rolling 3 month contract. * (+ VAT for EU Clients no sales tax for USA Clients )

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