Team Project Timesheet

Team Project Timesheet App extends the functionality of Smartsheet, resolving popular demands for Confidentiality and Single Task time breakdown by minutes across multiple workers with Baseline views.


  • Individual data entry by Mobile or any device
  • Individual time entry for summary task data entry into Smartsheet
  • Multiple workers can complete one or more tasks in Smartsheet over days
  • Supervisor Controls User Views (Restrict confidential data access)
  • Dropdown List of Project/ Budget Codes, activities
  • Analysis by Day, Week & Month against Project Codes
  • Dashboard Graphical Analysis
  • Features one Complex Project or several Simple Projects
  • Includes Project Baseline vs Actual Gantt views in Smartsheet


  • One Appsheet App for multi user access
  • Second Appsheet App for Managers view of all data and all analysis and Dashboards
  • Data located in Smartsheet, Excel or Google sheets
  • Smartsheet Project Style of Sheet including baseline
  • Smartsheet Report summarising Baseline vs Actual Gantt
  • Choice of Several Smaller Projects tracking or…
  • One Larger Project with Phases
  • Has potential for Multi Project expansion
  • Assumes Client has a Smartsheet account and access to Excel or Google sheets

Upfront cost £1000 – $1500 *
Customization is available for an additional charge based on the requirements.
Monthly User Support & Licenses – £3.00 / $5.00 per user per month
Minimum rolling 3 month contract. * (+ VAT for EU Clients no sales tax for USA Clients )

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