Why Connect Data in MySQL or SQL Server with Smartsheet?

Why Connect Data in MySQL or SQL Server with Smartsheet?

Why would we want to Connect Data in Microsoft SQL Server with Smartsheet? 

This includes MySQL on Azure, which can be a cheaper option that SQL server? 

  1. Because this is the Relational Database of choice for many large organisations round the world. 
  2. Because it has huge power to crunch valuable data and connect with other services that can use that data in intelligent ways, use Artificial Intelligence to help you predict needs and serve your users in smarter ways. 
  3. Because our corporate data is stored there we need easier visibility of that data. 
  4. Because each of your many users need to slice and dice this valuable data in ways that support their activities and they need access to be easy and intuitive. 
  5. Because we are using Smartsheet for our Workflows and dashboards so importing crucial data from SQL automatically, ensures data integrity and uniformity. 
  6. Because our workers need mobile access to Data held in a mix of SQL, Smartsheet or even Excel, so they can work out onsite, using a range of devices, even Offline. 

So what have  Smarter business processes done to help clients with these needs? 

Clients have explained to us that having invested huge monies in ERP systems they remain frustrated that key data is not easily accessible to those that can better use it, but they don’t wish to stop using these ERPs, just use them SMARTER and be far more agile. 

By using API code we can Map the data you wish to surface to Smartsheet Dashboards 

By Including the Low Code Mobile app engine called Appsheet we add further value to your users, for example… 

Users can access Data from SQL on their smartphones and tablets as well as laptops.

They only see data they should see and can only act on what they are permissioned for. 

Construction users can go underground and use this data, save, Report, Photo and get signatures on their local device, then sync to the servers upon return to the surface. 

The power of these connections is only limited by the imagination of solution finders.

Why do our clients see this activity as providing Competitive advantage? 

Because Design and build can be done in Days NOT Months with costs in Thousands not millions of dollars. 

Since Covid 19 hit the worlds populations, governments and businesses have had to 

“Get Agile and Fast!” So the tools described here have been and will continue to be the tools of choice for Innovators and those seeking to do better than just survive. 

Why do WE love Appsheet and Smartsheet? (and Zoom)? Because they are intuitive to use, don’t make life difficult for their users of differing “IT Faiths”  they just work by Authentication without the user experiencing PAIN.  

(Editors note Faiths being a choice of Microsoft, Google or Apple mostly)  

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